Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I Leave and Bring Back

I thought I would have time this summer to visit my little school library at least once a week to process books, organize shelves, design programs, plan for next year, etc.   The reality is that I've missed the last two weeks and I'm now back at The Elon School looking at some seriously wilted library plants (hold on plants...I'll water you as soon as I post!).  In the last few hours I have purged my desk of the remnants of the past year, recycling paper and hiding stuff I need to go through on the table behind me.  I'm giving myself a moment to reflect on everything I will gain from the upcoming three weeks in London of media studies and how that will benefit the place before me now.  We have seven desktop computers and three laptops for student use which would be woefully inadequate if most of the students here didn't already have their own laptops.  Most communicating between faculty and students occurs in the classroom and during all school meetings though there are some classroom blogs.  The school has a website and a facebook page with a few formal updates posted from time to time.  From the Multimedia Design and Production classes so far I am bursting with ideas of how we can improve our communication and classroom projects with multi-media.  I would love to start a facebook page for the school library, giving it a friendly and informal feel, enabling students and staff to interact with the information they receive.  I visualize the library becoming a lab where students can come to find support for their projects which will implement more elements of web 2.0.  It's already a very comfortable place (some think too comfortable) for interaction; social and academic.  Combining the comfort of the physical space with a comfortable virtual space is the natural next step.  I can't wait to see what I will be bringing back - perhaps a Harry Potter action figure to adorn the shelves?

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