Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sometimes an aimless roam...

...ends in a beautiful surprise.

If you keep walking and turn the corner from this wallscaping, you will be on Drury Lane.  

Around noon, to stay awake after dropping off my bags on the top floor of 15 Bedford Place, I set off on a brisk walk.  I think I was walking down Kingsway because I passed the Holcomb Tube station where I had first risen up into the great city.  The FOOD!  Everywhere, sushi, middle eastern, indian, pastries, bento.  To save costs, I picked up a small sandwich for under two pounds at a little shop.  I found an adaptor for my electronics at Boots.  I checked out a Sainsbury Grocery store, marveling at all the different flavors of crisps (grilled prawn) and the cartons of eggs sitting on open shelves.  I ordered a single espresso at an italian coffee shop and had to ask the barista to repeat herself after she asked me whether I wanted it "Out" or "In" (as in "for here or to go")?  Kingsway (or is it Northampton Row?  These streets just keep changing names!) is a busy street with bustling folks, packed cafes, and some monstrous modern architecture mixed in with the ancient.  Seeing some tempting vistas off to the right, I took a side street, ambling on until I came upon this marvel of foliage.  I am amazed by this flower garden that cascades down the wall and am inspired to continue this aimless roaming.  


  1. Oooh, I like that: "Out or In?" I wish we could adopt that here.

    Really beautiful building-garden!

    Is lots of the food really expensive?

    Have you slept yet?

  2. "Out or in." Kind of like "Gas, or no gas?" in Italy (referring to water: sparkling or nonsparkling). wonderful start to your trip!