Friday, July 22, 2011

Busking in London

I met a musician who had traveled all the way from where the Thames meets the sea to scratch a living for the evening in Leicester square.  He inspired me to do a simple podcast about "buskers" in London.  It is by no means comprehensive, being mostly a technical exercise (I have a lot to learn about recording, transferring files, converting files, and editing in Garageband).  Street performers anywhere seem to be up against some challenging obstacles.  London has made some steps in the last decade to try to regulate Underground performing instead of just banning it.  If you see anyone performing in the tube stations, odds are that they have auditioned with the city, applied for a license, and scheduled their time for that location.  Some times and locations are much more popular than others because of the wealth of the typical traveler on that line and the traffic.

Intro music: Roll Away the Stone by Mumford and Sons
Busking song: Baby Can I Hold You by Tracy Chapman, performed by George Hillier

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