Thursday, July 14, 2011

From Raleigh to Boston to London

 I'm not as happy as I look to be leaving my husband behind in Raleigh.  Happy to be sitting with him and having the chance to try out the self-timer on my new camera but not happy that he can't come along.  Ginger the chicken looks on disapprovingly.

 This big giant observation tower is so very Boston Logan Airport.  Very reassuring as I walked down long hallways looking for Terminal B...
 ...and chanced upon some steamed clams.  You just can't get good steamed clams anywhere but the coast of New England so you have to gobble them up whenever you have a chance.  And my friend David Grabowski from way back in the day dropped by to see me!  There are some perks to having a five hour layover in Boston.


It's such a wonderful feeling to see the destination city emerge as the plane dips through the clouds.  That is definitely the Thames!!  If I had waited just one minute, Big Ben, Parliament, and the new (to me at least) London Eye would be in the shot.  This was taken around 7:00am London time.  A planeload of tired travelers arrived in London early just in time to stand in an incredibly long line...

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  1. That line certainly looks tired. Especially the man in the grey suit. I hope he made it.