Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making a Digital Story and Going to the Globe!

Actual words for this blog coming up soon.

Oh, iMovie, how I love thee.  I had a great time making this story and I hope you like it to.  I found the song through and thought it set the tone perfectly.  It's only 1 minute and 30 seconds long so I had to do much editing to the original story I wrote about these mysterious people statues.

The Globe Theater

Tonight we are going to The Globe Theater to see a production of Anne Boleyn.  I saw The Globe from the very top of St Paul's Cathedral after climbing over 500 steps.  Here's a picture looking down on top of the dome:

I thought I had a picture of The Globe but I guess not.  The original Globe was built in 1599 and the theater we will be visiting is a reconstruction of that structure.  I'll be sure to get plenty of pictures tonight.
11:45pm  The play was incredible and just being in the space was amazing.  Our group of seats was off to the left on the ground floor (if you're looking at the stage).  I was really glad we weren't groundlings and didn't have to stand for the whole play.  The production was Anne Boleyn with an especially great performance from King James.

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