Wednesday, July 13, 2011

North Carolina Morning...

It's the morning that I fly away to England.  Watered all the animals, milked Adeline, cuddled a few baby goats all before anyone else woke up.  I'll take a shot when I arrive at Heathrow of an England morning using the same setting (Auto, of course).  I have my laptop, digital camera, flip camera, cords, MP3 player, headphones, tripod, cell phone.  Oh yeah, can't forget the chargers...I have never travelled with so much technology and I guess I will be kissing any last vestiges of technophobia goodbye.

With an aching heart I took this shot of three potential stowaways.  Only Ginger the chicken will succeed in jumping into my bag.  See you on the other side of the Atlantic...


  1. The children miss you. Cora thinks that you're calling the chicken Ginger just Chickie, not Ginger. But then Daddy told Cora that you called the chicken Ginger. Franklin misses you a lot and cried for you last night.