Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trees and Ents

There is something about the trees in England that makes you believe that they could come alive at any second.  Or that fairies will come fluttering down from the leaves.  The trees I have seen in The Regents Park, Green Park, and Russell Square are amazing.  All their knobs, bumps, and twists give them such a fluidity.  I started taking pictures of trees when we were taking a general tour of London and now I have quite a collection.  This first tree pictured is one that our tour guide in Oxford said inspired Lewis Carroll to write the Jabberwocky in Alice in Wonderland.  

This next tree lives in Green Park outside of Buckingham Palace.  I was sure that this old man was going to pop open his eyes.  I can't decide which picture I like better:

I had to take a break from the blooming flowers in The Regents Park so I took a picture of the next tree.

Today was absolutely beautiful.  It started out a little chilly in the morning and then the clouds all disappeared.  I spent almost the whole day inside working on my video project so I was surprised to find a completely blue sky when I walked outside to get just one more clip for the movie.  On my way to Forbidden Planet (not really on the way, it's in the opposite direction but it drew me in) I went to Russell Square with everyone else from the Bloomsbury District who had a bit of free time.  I'm pleasantly surprised by how my tree pictures from today turned out.  They're kind of magical.


  1. Those trees do look like they could come alive. You are right - there is something magical about these photos, Beth.

  2. Thanks! I'm glad that came across. I didn't do the Jabberwocky tree justice. It's huge and crazy.