Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Buckingham Palace and The End

I saw it.

Yes, I saw the dress.

Not only that but I saw the shoes, the earrings, and the bouquet.

The dress was in a huge cage on display in case anyone went crazy and tried to throw themselves onto it. It really is an absolutely beautiful dress. I had no idea when I headed out to Buckingham Palace this morning that I was going to get to see it. It’s such a hassle to get into the Palace that I can see why I never went there before. It is really nice so I’m glad we went. I kept wondering how the royal family feels about all these commoners coming through their house. Don’t you think the royals might just want to hang out in the Green Drawing Room sometime? I'm sure the Queen's private apartment is very nice too. We couldn't take any pictures inside of Buckingham Palace. The only thing I can show you in this glimmer of the chandelier through a window in the back of the Palace.

I also saw "the cake". Kalyca assured me that the bottom four layers of the cake were from the actual wedding. Everybody ate the top three layers. The audio tour explained that both the dress and the cake were made with the finest of English craftsmanship. All the lace and sugar flowers were chosen for their special significance in the language of flowers. Since William and Kate's wedding is so public, it's great that their representation of their country is tied to local craftspeople. This trip to the Palace also tied up our class nicely - the gift shop is great fun.

Everyone is packing, finishing projects, and heading out for one last trip to the pub. Have we really been here for three weeks already? We have seen so much and learned so much. Blogging, movie-making, and other forms of social media are now completely accessible to me. I'm looking forward to using them as teaching tools and to also continue this blog to communicate about the farm, reading, and future trips (fingers crossed). Goodbye London. I will miss you.

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